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Old age home in Kasar Vadavali and Owale

Old age homes are increasing these days because of a lack of time in busy individuals. Many small and large families choose the option of old age homes to give a better life to their old parents. At We Care Home, our Old age home in Kasar Vadavali and Owale is a top-notch non-profit organization in the city with a good team of volunteers and medical staff.

We help many old people to get a better life through our support. Our old age home has everything that old people need to live peacefully with people around them.

Old age home in Kasar Vadavali and Owale
Top-notch facilities in our old age home

Our old age home is equipped with all the top-notch facilities such as fans, AC, and pure drinking water. We also provide all the necessary amenities in every room for the comfort of people living in our old age home.

We have a huge library with hundreds of books on various subjects. Our old age home also offers the necessary medical assistance for the treatment of different diseases.

Experienced team of doctors and volunteers

We have an efficient team of doctors and nurses in our old age home. Our doctors have experience of more than a decade in the treatment of various health problems. They will arrive in a short time to treat the diseases in case of medical emergencies.

Our volunteers provide full emotional support and cooperation to the people staying with us. They handle every person properly and solve his/her problems through a good conversation.

Why choose We Care Home?

Our Old age home in Kasar Vadavali and Owale is an excellent non-profit organization. There are various reasons to choose our old age home such as:

1. Spiritual programs for old people

We organize spiritual programs regularly for old people. The programs such as yoga and meditation give mental relaxation and reduce stress and hypertension.

2. Sanitized kitchens for meals

Our old age home has large and clean kitchens to prepare meals for people staying with us. Food is cooked in a clean kitchen with clean cooking equipment for the safety of every person.

3. Modern amenities

We provide a salon, theater room, and spa facilities for old people staying with us.

4. High rank on Google

When you type the best Old age home in Kasar Vadavali and Owale on Google, We Care Home’s name will appear on the top few results. All this is the result of our continus efforts and hard work.