India is growing at a rapid rate in the last few years. The demand for old age homes has been increasing in India in recent times. Busy individuals cannot give time to their old parents and grandparents because of their hectic work routine. Most people choose old age homes to keep their old parents and provide them with better medical care. This blog lists the reasons to choose old age homes in India.

Main reasons to choose old age homes in India

Some of the major reasons to choose old age homes in India are listed as under:

1. Financial crisis

In a city like Mumbai, many people face the problem of poor financial background. They cannot afford to spend money on the hospital bills of old parents. Such individuals choose old age homes for their ill and old parents and treat them well. The Best Old age home in Thane will readily bear the medical expenses and other living costs of old people who have no financial support and provide them a better standard of living.

2. Modern facilities

Many families have a small home and cannot afford to give modern amenities to their parents. On the other hand, the old age homes are well-equipped with LED TVs, clean drinking water, wheelchairs, clean bathrooms, medical facilities, and full nursing care. Old people will get a better quality of life at old age homes than their own homes.

3. Growing urbanization

Due to growing urbanization, people cannot take out time from their busy work schedules. Old parents are left alone without any support in their own homes. Old age homes will support mentally all those old and sick people who have no family support. They can spend good time with people of similar age in old age homes.

4. Improves the safety of the people

There is always a high level of risk in the homes where old couples live alone. They have no one to look after them or treat their illnesses. Old-age homes make the lives of these people safe by giving them the best medical facilities. Medical experts and doctors treat severe health diseases and improve the physical and mental health of old people. They feel safe at old age homes.

5. Large social circle

Old people living in old age homes can enjoy a large social group. They can indulge in many cool activities such as yoga classes, drawing, art, and music sessions. Old age homes help to create a better social life for old people.

6. Feeling of independence

Old people feel independent by staying in old age homes. They do not have to depend on everyone to perform their daily tasks and activities.


Old-age homes are growing at a rapid rate in India. They act as a good support to the old people and provide them with better medical and healthcare. Old age homes will also reduce the various mental disorders of old people like stress and depression and make their lives better and simpler than their homes.