Elders are tortured limitlessly in many homes in recent times. Many children leave their parents alone in the home or put a lot of physical work. On the other hand, there are also cases where teens beat elders and hurt them. Such cases are increasing day by day in all parts of the world.

We often see in the neighborhood and social circles how children abuse their elders. But we cannot do anything or do not want to involve in personal matters. Similarly, some elders do not report the abuse in the police. It might be because they do not know how to report elder abuse or to get assistance.

There are several steps in which we can stop elder abuse in our locality, neighborhood, and society. They are as under:

1. Call the police

If you see any person torturing his or her parents or elders, you can first put a complaint in the police. On the other hand, you can also inform the police if there is any torture from your children. You can call the police and describe the incident in detail. Do not worry even if the person is your cousin, friend, relative, or yourself. You have to inform this elder abuse to the police so that they can some strict actions.

2. Inform your family doctor

Your family doctor can help you in getting out of mental stress. Sharing the problems with doctors will give you hope to find a better way of living. Doctors can suggest you the best prescriptions or give you details of eldercare services.

3. Friend or relative

A close friend of yours can understand what you are going through. You can tell them about the incidents that you face every day in your home. Friends and relatives might help you to get rid of elder abuse.

4. Eldercare services

Old age homes can become a perfect place for elders who suffer from abuse daily. If you also suffer from abuse or torture, you can call eldercare homes and tell your problem. They will either take you to eldercare homes or take your care at home itself. You can get good facilities at eldercare homes.

5. Old age homes

Another way to protect yourself from abuse of your children is to call at old age homes. You can call at local old age homes or tell someone to give the details of the homes. They will take you to their homes and provide everything from shelter to medicines.

Final words

Elder abuse is the curse in any part of the world. It should never be encouraged at any cost. If you are being abused constantly or see someone doing so, it is your responsibility to inform the police.

It is a legal crime to abuse your parents or any elder. You can also file a case against it or claim compensation. One person can bring a change in the whole society.