The option of an old age home is becoming very popular these days. The main reasons for choosing old age homes are financial crisis, lack of time and facilities. Most families choose old age homes for their old parents and grandparents.

Old age homes in India are of various kinds and include different facilities. Let us discuss the types of old age homes for seniors in India.

Facilities of old age homes for seniors in India

Many old age homes are starting in the country these days. Every old age home is improving in India for giving a better quality of life to old people. Many facilities are available in old age homes today such as:

  • Medical facilities

Old age homes maintain day care centers and mobile medical units for providing better medical care to old people. These medical units treat various health diseases found in senior citizens such as stress, depression, brain disorders, and body pain. Every state in India today is setting up an old age home with advanced medical facilities for senior citizens suffering from different mental and physical diseases.

  • Use of mobile apps for good access

The use of mobile apps is increasing in old age homes these days. They give 24/7 access for checking the status and conditions of residents. Apart from that, the apps also help residents to get quick medical treatment in case of emergencies. Old people can find various places of entertainment on these apps.

  • Safety tools

Old-age homes are installing CCTV cameras and other smart devices to improve the safety of old people. These tools protect old age homes from thieves and burglars. They also reduce the incidents of theft and vandalism. Most old-age homes install CCTV cameras with the latest features to increase safety and security of old people and senior citizens.

  • Good food and drinking water

Old people are given the best quality meals and pure drinking water in old age homes these days. Most age-old homes install filter systems to purify drinking water and reduce the chances of waterborne diseases among old residents. Apart from that, the old age homes also provide good quality meals to residents without any adulteration. Good quality food and drinking water improve the health of old people and increase their life.

Why are old age homes in high demand in India?

The demand for old age homes is growing because of the following reasons such as:

  • Reducing the trend of the joint family system
  • Migration of families and children from one place to another
  • Lack of money for medical treatment of old people
  • Lack of safety for old people in their own homes
  • No financial or emotional support from families, relatives or loved ones


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